In the 1900s, cholera, dysentery and scarlet fever were among the five major illnesses that caused people to blast off from this third rock from the sun.  I keep seeing articles and research on the advancements of health care where breakthroughs in health care and medical science are likely to eliminate heart disease and cancer… Read More

In July I am taking my scout troop on a 50-mile bike ride around Bear Lake.  To prepare, last week we did a 15-mile ride.  The wind during our ride was blowing hard.  The first part we road into the wind and the last part we had the wind at our back.  Riding with a… Read More

Have you ever wondered how vulnerable you might be financially if a major accident were to occur? Do you have enough insurance coverage? Are you doing everything you can to protect yourself from potential threats to your savings and retirement due to an unforeseen disaster or accident? When speaking with several of our clients, we… Read More

Labor Secretary Acosta recently confirmed that the Department of Labor (DOL) Fiduciary Rule will become applicable on June 9, declining an additional extension to the previously issued delay. The Fiduciary Rule requires that advisors and financial institutions offering investment advice on retirement accounts adhere to a new, government-defined standard with respect to those accounts. While… Read More

Last week, my oldest daughter graduated from Davis High School.  Before I joined my father in this business of financial planning over 13 years ago, I ran my own business doing multimedia and web designs.  To celebrate my daughter’s graduation, I made her a video capturing her life.  Talk about walking down memory lane.  It… Read More

Last week we received a call from a scammer claiming he was from Microsoft Technical Support, that our computer had ransomware on it, and that he wanted to help us detect and remove it.  In case you don’ t know, ransomware is a malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a… Read More

Wasatch Wealth, a growing wealth management group focusing on businesses is looking for a financial advisor with experience at a brokerage firm or financial planning firm. You will be compensated for any clients or assets you bring with you.  Wasatch Wealth offers three lines of service; wealth management for individuals, exit planning for business owners… Read More

Ah, President Trump, you sure keep things interesting.  The main reason markets reacted so much to recent political news, where it has largely ignored most of it before, is because there could be something actionable against Trump, which causes uncertainty.  Markets hate uncertainty.  Markets have already baked in many of Trump’s plans, particularly his plan… Read More

No more travels for me this week, at least by plane. I’m a scoutmaster in my local troop. We have started the cycling merit badge and last week we road 10 miles. We will be doing two 10 miles, two 15 miles, two 25 miles and one 50 miler around Bear Lake to complete the… Read More

Last week I was in Florida at the Raymond James convention, and this week I am in San Francisco working on the services we offer you at Wasatch Wealth, particularly for Wealth Management.  It is the first time for me to be on both sides of the continent within two weeks. One speaker, Dr. Dan… Read More