Last week, my oldest daughter graduated from Davis High School.  Before I joined my father in this business of financial planning over 13 years ago, I ran my own business doing multimedia and web designs.  To celebrate my daughter’s graduation, I made her a video capturing her life.  Talk about walking down memory lane.  It was just yesterday I was holding her as a baby.  I can’t believe how fast time has passed.  Many of you remember when I started working with my dad.  Can you believe that was over 13 years ago?  My wife and I are already looking at our two remaining children and realizing life as empty-nesters is just around the corner.  =(

Markets have been flatlining, which is what we have been expecting.  Foreign markets this year have done very well.  It’s about time!  We have waited seven years for this to happen.  We expect markets to be very positive this year.  If you received a notice of changes on your portfolio, we changed a few funds that were under performing and modified the allocations to take advantage of the improved foreign markets.

On June 22nd, we are having one of the members of our professional team who brainstorms recommendations for our clients and specializes in property and casualty insurance educate you on 7 to 10 tips to protect you.  Most of our clients can tell us to the penny how much they are paying in car, home and umbrella insurance, but they can’t tell us what their limits are.  Upon further review with our clients we are finding many are underinsured, which can potentially hurt their savings and retirement if an accident were to happen.   Steve Shemwell will be talking about how to avoid some easy mistakes and showing ways to save money with your insurance.  This event will be beneficial.  Be watching for the invite that will come this week.  Seating is limited, so if you are interested, please RSVP quickly.

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