In July I am taking my scout troop on a 50-mile bike ride around Bear Lake.  To prepare, last week we did a 15-mile ride.  The wind during our ride was blowing hard.  The first part we road into the wind and the last part we had the wind at our back.  Riding with a tail wind is awesome; you peddle with less energy, it is more relaxing and you don’t feel any resistance.  I had to look around me and see the trees swaying to even notice the wind was blowing at all.

It made me think about our current markets.  We have had some strong head winds over the last few years and getting good market return has been a challenge.  It has been more stressful, more work and tiresome.  Since the Presidential election last year, we have had a tail wind helping us out.  Market performance has been easier and very enjoyable.

The current economic expansion in the United States will reach 8 years in length as of 6/30/2017.  No expansion in history has lasted longer than 10 years based upon data that has been tracked since 1854.  (Source:  National Bureau of Economic Research). In our opinion, we do not see a recession happening in the near future.  However, the wind can’t always remain at our back and it will change.  When it does, we will be ready.

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